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You will experience a different level of care! As a practitioner of Functional Medicine and a Board-certified physician, Dr. Bina blends traditional allopathic medical practices with an integrative, whole person approach, to give you the highest level of personalized health care. 

Comprehensive Functional Medicine Consultation 

Specializing in gastrointestinal health and microbiome restauration, optimizing nutrition, energy and mitochondrial health, immune system optimization and rejuvenation, hormone balance and women's wellness (menopause), reduced inflammation and cellular rejuvenation by individualized nutrition, lifestyle and nutraceuticals treatment plans and personalized lab testing and imaging. 

Focus Areas

1.  Microbiome and gut integrity

2.  Fatigue (including Long-haul Covid) 

3.  Food Sensitivities

4.  Weight Loss

5.  Immune and Cellular Rejuvenation through supervised fasting, lifestyle and supplementation.

6.  Women's health optimization (female metabolism and body composition, nutrition and exercise, hormones, etc).

Offering Specialized Testing:

    • Nutritional and metabolomics evaluation for detection and tracking of specific dietary, environmental and metabolic causes of imbalance
    • Microbiome stool testing
    • Food sensitivity testing
    • Hormonal testing
    • Genomics
    • Biometrics (e.g., heart rate variability, continuous glucose monitoring) 

Medical Grade Supplements and Nutraceuticals

I am providing guidance and access to high-quality, discounted supplements online as an adjunct to dietary and lifestyle modification. With a few exceptions, I do not offer nutritional products of similar quality to those that are widely available over the counter. I recommend and purchase high-quality nutritional products from top nutritional research laboratories in North America. If you decide to purchase them through me, I price them with a small mark-up over the professional discount price, to cover costs. 

Online Products


ProLon - The Fasting Mimicking Diet

Designed by Professor Valter Longo, USC Longevity Researcher, ProLon is the only scientifically designed fasting diet which lowers risks for major diseases.  ProLon produces real physical change by promoting the clean-up of cellular components, a process called autophagy. This 5-day dietary program mimics a seven-day complete fast without the burden and danger of not eating.

Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet

SIBO/ Leaky Gut/ Dysbiosis - Microbiome and Gut Barrier Restoration

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